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Nexus2 elicenser lost | Making Music Nexus2 – eLicenser lost – Making Music
  • Nexus2 – eLicenser lost

    Let me tell you the story… – Yes, I  am a friend of paying for  software and surely  any company can  do whatever they deem necessary to protect their work. – I have been using Nexus for many years now and also invested into some expansions which though they sound “generic” make  music creation a rather fast process and then your  task to replace those sounds with  your  own version.

    You may noticed that my blog got sleepy and this is .. yes, I turned a father and have hardly anytime for creating music… – Not until 2 days ago when I wanted to get started again and though I know my little daughter (2yrs) is very curious about keyboards and equipment I manged to keep the dongle “out of reach”.  When I relocated from Switzerland the dongle was even in my onboard luggage, that’s how much I took care of it…  – Needless to say, my baby girl got hold of it and now its “gone”… who knows where it is, maybe rubbish, maybe toilet, maybe hidden somewhere, … fact is I can not find it even after asking help of my wife to hunt  for that little piece of hardware…

    OK, I thought, cannot be that bad, just email the support of reFX and explain what happened and surely they will be able to offer me a new activation code once I purchased another USB eLicenser dongle.

    Now here  is what I received in response:

    Hi Tim,

    I’m sorry to hear about your lost eLicenser. Unfortunately, each Nexus2 license can be downloaded only once. Licenses have intrinsic value, like cash. We can’t remotely disable licenses, and we can’t replace lost licenses.

    Expansions will work with a new Nexus2 license. You don’t need to buy your expansions again. We can offer a 10% discount on a new copy of Nexus2. With the 10% discount, you’d pay USD 224. Would this interest you?


    Great, so in other words I am “scrxwed” … Is that customer service? Certainly not, as Steinberg does offer new activation of their software in case of issues with your eLicenser. So how come reFX does not?  Furious about their answer I wrote back how disappointed I was and that I did  not expect this reply neither am I willing to pay for the software I already own again. Why would I? Just because I lost a piece of hardware with a value of some 10$?? Why did they not tell me prior purchase:  WARNING: If you loose our copy protection dongle you are fxcked!!!

    Anyhow,  here is their reply to my response…

    Hi Tim,

    I’m sorry, but I’m afraid that we simply aren’t able to provide free replacements for lost Nexus2 licenses.  Because we are not able to deactivate eLicensers remotely (we cannot access anyone’s USB eLicenser remotely), and because we are not able to verify claims of lost licenses, providing free replacements simply isn’t possible.

    Again, I understand that it’s frustrating to lose a valuable possession, but I’m afraid that there really
    isn’t anything that we can do in this sort of situation. As with any other small but valuable item (a phone, a piece of jewelry, etc.) once the license is in your possession, it is your responsibility to keep track of and take good care of your Nexus2 license.

    Unfortunately, this policy is necessary for copy protection reasons. Although we would like to be able to
    replace licenses for customers who misplace their USB eLicenser, this simply isn’t possible. If we were to do so (provide free replacement licenses upon demand), what would prevent anyone from claiming to have lost their license, and demanding extra licenses that they could then sell, give away to their friends, etc.?

    Hopefully you can see how wide open to abuse such a system would be, and why it isn’t feasible for us to
    implement this sort of policy.

    I’m sorry, and I wish that there was more that I could do, but I’m afraid that it simply isn’t possible for us to offer a replacement license in this sort of situation.


    Yes, disappointing indeed. A big lesson for me… I  will stay away from reFX products now and in future and am  sorry I ever invested into their product range. – Guess, reFX this is the publicity you are looking  for in response to your customer service? – I am sorry, but that’s not how you should treat your customers!

    So, if you loose your dongle.. you are in bad shape.  Steinberg does offer replacements and is able to support you but reFX seems not  capable in doing so… so, go for Dune2 or Sylenth1 instead and dont buy into the Nexus range…

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10 Responsesso far.

  1. John says:

    Ha ha… that’s why you should stay away from USB protected software and that’s why people obt for piracy … I guess I would be finding the VST on a torrent site and happy days again.

  2. Peers5 says:

    Pirating software is not the answer. Understand the frustration but that’s how it is. Read the T&C properly! I will keep my Nexus2 and the tiny USB dongle safe …

    Try searching on amazon or eBay for some used Nexus2?

  3. Loneliest says:

    I have been searching the net for an answer and seems the response you received is exactly the same other have as well from ReFx. That sucks big time and certainly makes me wonder whether I should give up on Nexus and move to Dune or Sylenth now that it’s in 64Bit mode.

    There are cracked copies on the internet for Windows but not for MAC OS X as I hear. Not sure but maybe someone can post a link to a none virus, spam or survey site??

  4. Madman says:

    try searching harder and you will find your dongle back 🙂

    I don’t like dongles but understand why they are important these days. I think it’s a question of time till the elicenser system gets hacked. All you have to do is run a ‘soft dongle’ then.

    Good luck hunting that tiny stick though …


  5. Batman says:

    Stay away from ReFx Nexus 2 … copy Protection that will steal days if not weeks of your life and Rip a hole in your pocket if it breaks. There are better alternatives available!

    And hell yes they should warn you prior the purchase that they charge you again if your dongle gets lost not AFTER you purchased it. Maybe you can even get a lawyer to check this out …

  6. Brandon says:

    Same same everywhere. Nexus sucks big time.

  7. TimBo says:

    Thanks for all the reply’s. It’s pretty hard imagining I should re-purchase software I already own. Indeed, they warn you somewhere that the dongle is like “cash”. They should show more tolerance though as other companies are able to do so. – Agree, this increases temptation to pirate software but I rather give up on Nexus2… (too proud to re-invest some 200 USD again into this!)

  8. Chris Perry says:

    I just left mine on a plane with my iLok, same response for me. 10% off. I get where they come from, but c’mon people.

    Pace iLok replaced everything – and those licenses are worth a helluva lot more than Nexus.

  9. SaveTheDayMan says:

    Nexus 2 eLicenser is a complete waste of time. Don’t buy into this as tempting as it might be. Get Sylenth1 instead, no dongle = no issue … free extensions on the net and cheaper too

  10. Gerd Fritz says:

    Nexus is just a lousy tiny company hoping that the USB stick they rely on will safe them … all it does it creates frustration and this method of protection is so 1990 … Hey folks, it’s 2016!!!! Welcome to tomorrow.

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