• MIDI not working after update to El Capitan (10.11) MAC OS

    I experienced the issue that suddenly my keyboard was not recognised anymore in Logic or Ableton… As I am using a pretty old keyboard and a M-AUDIO USB converter I thought a driver issue and was looking for a 10.11 driver… bad luck.. nothing available.

    The website from M-Audio though stated that you should open Apples “Audio MIDI Setup”, then WINDOWS > Show MIDI Studio and simply create a “New Configuration” (Configuration button). Indeed, this works and seems I have since repeated this setup quite some times … Guess, there is some “driver issue” or a bug within 10.11 ?? Annoying but seems to work…

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  1. Madman says:

    Indeed. Have same issues. It’s not always happening but randomly and affects the whole computer …. no more Midi gets recognised.

    I follow exactly the steps you mentioned .. voila … works again !!

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