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Logic Pro X 10.1 update | Making Music Logic Pro X 10.1.1 update – Making Music
  • Logic Pro X 10.1.1 update

    On the 21st of January 2015 finally Apple updated it’s Logic Pro X family again. It is the first update to Logic since May 2014. Some 10 new drummers with a focus on dance, electronic and hip hop are part of the package. Also AirDrop and MailDrop are now inculded to make sharing your projects easier.

    Apple also updated Logic Remote and MainStage. Now you can view and manage your plug-ins directly on your iDevice (running iOS8). Also you can also manipulate the EQ with gestures which should be pretty awesome if it works.

    We have tested the application just the last weekend and run into some issues… – The remote did not want to recognise the computer Logic was running on and was asking to have iPad and Logic DAW within the same network… they were though.. – There is a trick to delete the “com.apple.logic.pro.cs” file in the ~/Library/Preferences/ folder (Logic Pro must NOT run to see this file) to make it work… indeed, it does. – However, there are still issues with sudden disconnection and somehow changes done in Logic Pro are not reflected on the iOS device and plugins are not shown, etc… so for us its nothing you should relay on working perfectly at the moment. The old remote version for Logic used to work flawlessly but it seems to become an increasing issue of Apple releasing software that still has bugs… – Hopefully those issues will be addressed with a new release of the Logic remote or maybe another software update of Logic Pro…

    Update: on the 26th of February Apple posted an update of its Logic Pro X software to fix issues that were “added” with the earlier update… Thanks Apple for fixing this; however, if you are in a stable and production environment, once more it is safer to “wait” until all illnesses have been cured… What is it they say? Never change a winning team… or if it’s not broken don’t fix it… – I am presently holding off updating to 10.10.3 on my Apple Book, the risk is too high that things get broken and not fixed…


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