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Run 32bit AU/VST plugins on 64bit DAW | Making Music Running 32bit VST/au on 64bit hosts (DAW) – Making Music
  • Running 32bit VST/au on 64bit hosts (DAW)

    Since all main software companies are moving towards 64bit it has been quite a pain for us users to get our beloved “old” VST and Audio Units up and running on a 64bit DAW application. It will simply not work whatever you try to do, the DAW ignores your 32bit VST completely.

    Why is this not working?
    32bit has certain limitations not only the program coding itself is different also the “access” to the computer memory is somewhat limited; hence, only 4GB of your 16GB RAM can be accessed, etc…

    What to do to make it work?
    There are now 2 main options in the market (August 2014): 32 Lives and jBridge

    Both applications are working to address the same issue and creating a connection, a bridge, between old (32bit) and new (64bit).

    32 Lives or jBridge or both?
    32 Lives can only convert “audio units” (.au) to 64bit and works Mac OS X (10.6+) only while jBridge is limited to VST (.vst) conversion but works on Windows and Mac OS X systems.

    32 Lives costs around 100USD while jBridge sets you back some 20USD.

    I personally pruchased jBridge but again it depends on your current set of plugins (I prefer VSTs). – Try to head to their website (32Lives jBridge)  download a demo prior purchase and give it a try whether this can put life in your old instruments again.

    32 Live Resurrection Screen
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  1. John says:

    Go for jBridge, its cheaper and easier. Getting a AU running on a 64bit DAW is also possible through some other tricks & tools, and those are even free…


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