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Create your own sounds with Nexus2 | Making Music Nexus2 – create your own sounds – Making Music
  • Nexus2 – create your own sounds

    Nexus2 is not a software synthesizer as such but a so called rompler; hence, the tweaking and manipulation of sounds is possible but the creation of completely new sounds from scratch is not possible at all. Tools like Zebra, Alchemy, Sylenth1, etc offer the generation of sounds right of the box but with Nexus2 its not possible. If you need a new sound you have to revert to the expansion packs if you can not find a sound you need in your existing presets. Yes, this can be costly as generally an expansion pack sets you back some 65USD for approx 128 additional presets but if you need results fast and don’t want to bother in designing your own sounds, you get results rather quickly. To be honest you can tweak your sounds to the extreme and there are trance gates, arpeggio, filters, delays, reverb, etc you can play around with and indeed create sounds that do not even sound similar to the initial preset you have modified. So, there you have it… it’s not really possible… sorry…

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  1. John Friend says:

    .. yeah, that is pretty depressing. I spent so much money and all I can do is tweak some knobs and buttons. I guess, reFX just wanna keep their money chain going and keep selling those expensive expansion packs.. guys, that should cost 25 USD each max…

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