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Configure Ableton Push to work with Logic Pro X | Making Music Configuring Ableton Push to work with Logic Pro X – Making Music
  • Configuring Ableton Push to work with Logic Pro X

    Ableton Push is pretty much “useless” as a controller for any DAW other than Ableton Live. Any touch of a button or even the metal casing will trigger a MIDI signal to be send to your DAW and therefore trigger a tone or an event.

    A clever guy at a company called nativeKontrol wrote a software (PXT General) that intercepts the MIDI messages and at the same time allows for configuring your Push device to your liking.

    I purchased the software, downloaded and installed it and … guess, what… right, it did not work… MIDI was still reaching the DAW upon any button I touched on my Push device. – It took a while to figure out how to make it work, so lets get you started…

    All changes you are about to make to your PUSH! and LogicPro MIDI configurations are at your own risk! Golden rule: Never change a winning team!

    In order to have PXT working with your system you first need to configure your IAC (Inter Application Communication) Settings. Search in MAC OS for “MIDI” and open the “Audio MIDI Setup”. Here you are presented with the Audio settings screen. Go to WINDOW > Show MIDI Studio. Double click on “IAC Driver” and setup the following IAC ports:

    IAC MIDI Settings

    Ensure that you have a tick in the box “Device is online”.

    In PXT General open the “MIDI Settings Editor” and configure the IAC Queues as below:

    Settings of PXT General

    In the next step you have to configure the “Midi Environment” settings in Logic Pro to send all your MIDI messages to a “dummy input” (like device monitor) and have it configured to receive messages from the PXT device only.

    If you have multiple MIDI instruments make sure you select a separate channel for each device.

    Open the MIDI Environment:

    select the Midi environment option. Navigate from there to the MIDI Layer so you can understand how MIDI messages are received / handled in your DAW:

    If you have navigated to the Midi Layer you can now start modifying your incoming “data” to your DAW… try pressing some keys on your MIDI keyboard and you will see how e.g. a device monitor captures your data.

    Ensure that you send the data for all MIDI (Sum) to a monitor (Input View) or simply delete any connection for “Sum”. I chose to connect “Sum” to a monitor just to see what actually happens with my MIDI connection.
    MIDI Environment for PXT all input

    Important that your “required channel” from PXT reaches the “Sequencer Input”. I routed this via an “Input View” to monitor what Midi information gets transmitted. (Easy for troubleshooting).

    MIDI Environment settings for PXT
    You may want to repeat this procedure for any MIDI connection you have that should enter your DAW, eg. another MIDI instrument, etc…

    When you have done this don’t forget to save your “project” as a new template. Otherwise, Logic will “forget” your mappings you have done in the MIDI environment next time you load Logic and you have to repeat above procedure (at least the Logic part) everytime you want to use Ableton Push with Logic.

    Now configure PXT to transmit data on a certain MIDI channel only. I have chosen channel 3 but you are free to choose any channel at your liking.


    Select the buttons, knobs, etc and add required MIDI channel and CC Number:

    PXT-Editor and Assignment selection

    Unfortunately, we are not finished yet but you are half way there… Now you have to teach Logic the knobs and buttons and tell Logic what to do / execute upon.

    Please look at the following post how to “train” Logic Pro your Ableton Push commands.

11 Responsesso far.

  1. jor says:

    exist a very easy configuration ?

  2. TimBo says:

    Updated the page a little after user feedback. Hopefully it is now a little bit better to follow how the “connections” have to work in the MIDI Environment settings.
    If you own the Ableton Suite you do not need the PXT solution to have Push working in Logic but have to do re-wiring. Someone did already a nice video on how to rewire Ableton to Logic Pro.

    • James says:

      Yea but for the rewiring. If I rewired I need to keep ableton open while I do all my work in logic pro. With the pxt general download, does it require me to keep ableton open while I do work in Logic or I can just get rid of ableton after and strictly work in logic?

      • John says:

        Ableton must run for rewire to work. If you use PXT, PXT must run too as a standalone app.. – So indeed you could “trash” Ableton if you want to go without it…

      • TimBo says:

        Hi James,

        John is right you can use PXT without owning /running Ableton … obviously many people that have the Push device also own Ableton therefore rewiring could be an alternative using Push and Logic Pro together.

  3. Aural Mukti says:

    I’m sorry, but the instructions are still not very clear. It doesn’t explain how to map the controls, or what needs to be mapped where. Ir you use PXT-General, you can auto map to the buttons to midi CC numbers, but you really don’t know if it’s correct. Logic actually reads and works with the PUSH before any of this, though I cannot say if it provides full functionality, as it does with ableton.
    I’m finding myself more confused, and that it article is incomplete, and amounts to geeking out, rather than an actual tutorial in how to set up the PUSH to have full functionality in logic, stand alone, without requiring to ableton.

  4. Aural Mukti says:

    Also, the PUSH worked in Logic BEFORE I started following your instructions, and now it doesn’t work at all.

  5. Frank Bernhard says:

    Hey Aural, I tried it too and it works fine for me. In the worst case once you reload Logic Pro it has “forgotten” all and you should be fine. Switch off that PXT application, too. Oh, and its only for the “old” Push not the new release… Cheers Frank

  6. […] configure Logic to accept MIDI messages from certain “queues” only. See the post “Configuring Ableton Push to work with Logic” to check out how to set this […]

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