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Nexus 2 - add search and find favourites | Making Music Nexus2 – add search and find favourites – Making Music
  • Nexus2 – add search and find favourites

    Nexus2 allows you to mark your favourite sound and you may wonder why you can not locate those sounds later on but still browse through the whole sound library.

    You can mark you sound like this:

    So simply click on the star rating you would like your sound to have.

    To find your favourite sound later on, you need to add the “favourite” option first to your Nexus2 sound browser. Simply right-click into your Nexus2 browser (left site – category, anywhere) and select “new favorites”.

    Get Favorites and Search ready
    Now your favourites will automatically appear in this new folder.

    If you remember a name of a sound but forgot where your library it is, simply repeat above steps but select “new search” and you will be able to enter your favourite sound name and all sounds with that name will appear.


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5 Responsesso far.

  1. Jordan Freeman says:

    I have been looking for this. Thanks…

  2. Frank Manly says:

    Yes, thanks… maybe you guys should put a video?

  3. Fred Merell says:

    Guys, you should post more like this. Eg how to do your “own” sounds using Nexus2… Is that possible? Would be nice to know…
    Cheers, Fred

    • TimBo says:

      Hey Fred, unfortunately the problem of Nexus2 is, and thats why many ppl also complain about it, that you can not generate your own sounds but only tweak the existing ones/expansions. So creating a sound based on one of the presets or expansions is possible and, yes, those can sound quite different fromt he “original” but overall uploading a sample and creating a sound from scratch is not possible. Nexus2 is a rompler overall; hence, should “safe time” for your creating sounds and get started with the presets. If you like dance music, you should be quite “OK” ….

  4. […] is to add the favorite and search folder to your category browser within Nexus2. Check our post here how to do […]

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