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Run Vanguard (vst) on a 64bit DAW | Making Music Vanguard (reFX) running on 64bit DAW (MAC OS X) – Making Music
  • Vanguard (reFX) running on 64bit DAW (MAC OS X)

    Vanguard from reFX is a VSTi for your DAW that reminds many people to the favourite VSTi Sylenth1 from Lennard Digital. The downside of Vanguard is that it is a 32bit only application. So, if your DAW is 64bit only, the VST instrument will not load.

    There are a couple of solutions out there and the solution we have chosen is the usage of a tool called jBridge. You can find out details here.

    Vanguard can be purchased from the reFX website and is for download only. Seems reFX have removed Vanguard from their product range. I actually asked for a demo version first to see I can hook it up with jBridge and make it work. It worked like charm and somehow feels even better integrated to eg Logic Pro than Nexus2 does. The plugin will set you back some 80 USD, pretty heavy if you consider its 32bit only. However, registered owners will have access to a planned 64bit version upon release.

    Upon installation of Vanguard your DAW will automatically recognise the new plugin (32bit DAW only) or in case you require a middleware like jBridge you may have to confirm manually the load of an “invalid” plugin or even manually guide your DAW to the “right” plugin to have it working.

    jBridge Screen

    Vanguard will present itself like this upon selection as an instrument from your DAW:

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4 Responsesso far.

  1. Peer Johnson says:

    I always have some issues with the plugin of jBridge and there waiting for the 63bit Version of Vanguard. However, isn’t Sylenth1 better?

    • TimBo says:

      Hi Peer,

      Vanguard announced to it current registered users the release of a 64bit version. Hence, if you use jBridge and Vanguard today you supposedly will be eligible for a free upgrade. – jBridge is still in “Beta” and therefore some issues are to be expected.
      Sylenth1 is 32 bit too and should also be able to work via jBridge under a 64bit DAW. Pricing of Vanguard is lower than for Sylenth1 and you likely get a free upgrade to 64bit while with Sylenth1 you don’t know whats their plan currently….
      Hope it helps,

  2. John says:

    indeed jBridge can be “buggy” but generally it works fine. There are some “bridges” you can download to make things easier. Check here:

    Link to KVR Audio

  3. John says:

    reFX has completly removed Vanguard and its no longer available. Hence, there will be no 64bit version coming. Despite this… Sylenth1 has a 64bit beta now 🙂 So, I recommend this…

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