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Nexus2 (reFX) the VST to have? | Making Music Nexus2 the VST to have? – Making Music
  • Nexus2 the VST to have?

    Nexus2 is as many people say not an instrument per se but a so called Romper. People say it’s limited in it’s way you can modify sounds and limit’s your choice to the expansion packs you have to download at kinda high cost from their website. – The basic package sets you back some 300 USD. However, the sounds that are preloaded and then ones you can download from their website are professionally made do speed up your workflow quite a lot. – Take a look at their website and tell me what you think, you will be impressed.

    Nexus2 Basic Pack

    Upon placing an order on their site you will be shipped a CD with a security dongle as copy protection.
    TAKE NOTE: if  you loose your dongle you will have to re-purchase the software again! reFX does NOT offer a new activation of a new eLicenser (eg like Steinberg does)! 

    Installing the VST is pretty easy. However, you will have to download an updated version of the main program from their website as likely the version they shipped is outdated at the time you receive your installation disc.

    Remember to have your security USB dongle always plugged in when starting up your DAW as otherwise the loading will fail and annoying popup messages will remind you to retry. For travellers and people who work on laptops, the dongle is really not the best solution and also my dongle already lost its plastic shell and I pray it wont fail on me. Clearly, a security concept as Logic Pro or Ableton Live would also be much more preferred as the USB stick solution. My comment: if you can not afford a certain software, then don’t steal it, find a cheaper alternative. You also would not steal your neighbours Ferrari, would you?

    I have purchased a few expansion packs and the best way to find your “must have” addition is to cruise their site and find the missing sounds you were waiting for. If you are not a “trance” guy, you will feel disappointed as there is only the Hollywood Expansion that has “none electronic” sounds.

    Once installed your DAW will automatically recognise the new additions to your VSTi library and you can select Nexus2 as your “instrument”.

    Nexus presents itself as as this:


    Below a sample video of a single track using Nexus2 and the Apres Ski extension. As you can see, with pretty little effort you can create a sound like you hear at Ballerman in Mallorca…

    Overall a pretty easy exercise and sounds not too bad, remember it just uses one preset only …

    One of the first steps after installation is to add the favorite and search folder to your category browser within Nexus2. Check our post here how to do this.

    Overall, it can be said that Nexus2 works extemely well for Dance Music production and, if you have spent your money on the recent expansion packs, your sounds match current mainstream. A drawback is the creation of own sounds which is somewhat limted, you can find out more here.


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2 Responsesso far.

  1. Batman says:

    Elicenser sucks big times. – not my cup of coffee – don’t buy such software as this supports those companies making your life miserable in case your elicenser breaks…

    Use Sylenth1 or u-he diva to get similar or even better sounds .. and no fracking dongle

  2. phillip walker says:

    I need help getting started with the program it self someone please help me

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